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February 23, 2016

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We hear this almost every day.  Inundated with forms, forms , and more forms, patients often ask us why they have to fill out a new health history form, even if they were there the week before.

Close up of pencil on health history form.

The answer is….because we care.  We care about you, and your health.  Studies show time and time again that there is a significant link between the health of your mouth and the health of your body.  Studies showing links between dental problems and diabetes, heart disease, and pregnancy complications are just a few of the serious situations that are connected to the health of your teeth and gums.  We need to know what is going on with you in order to give you the best possible care.

It is very important for you to tell us what prescription and over the counter medicines you are taking.  If we need to prescribe medicine for you, we need to be aware of what else you are taking to avoid negative drug interactions, which can occur when a  drug interacts, or interferes, with another drug.  The drugs involved can be prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines and even vitamins and herbal products. Certain drugs, such as  Bisphosphonates, can create serious complications with dental treatment, so always  tell us what you take.

We also ask for updated information on your insurance which can change from visit to visit.  Having the right information is critical for us to help you maximize your insurance benefit. We’ll also ask you to provide us with the the correct contact information and how you would like us to communicate with you regarding appointments. We love communicating with patients about appointments via text and email so keep us updated. Please keep in mind we are very careful about complying with all HIPAA regulations, and are committed to keeping your Private Health Information just that….Private!

Providing us with all the important details about you helps us provide the best possible care. So bear with us, fill out the forms, and remember to smile!

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