Your Child’s First Appointment with a Family Dentist in Medina

March 25, 2019

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child at dentistAs a parent, the most important thing to you is sending your child off into the world with all the skills they need to take care of themselves and live happy and healthy lifestyles. But nobody gives you a manual that tells you the little details like when to schedule their first dentist appointment. Luckily, you don’t need that because you have your family dentist in Medina to help! Read on to get the tips that you’ve been looking for about encouraging good dental health for your child.

When Do You Schedule Your Child’s First Appointment?

The American Dental Association recommends that you schedule a dental appointment for your son or daughter by their first birthday, or when their first tooth comes in. Most parents believe that they should wait until their child is 4 or older. This leaves a long period of time for your child to be susceptible to developing tooth decay and other oral problems.

Dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease are common among children. Your dentist can give them the knowledge and tools they need to defend themselves. Be sure when scheduling your appointment to find a family-friendly dentist that is passionate about treating younger patients so they can have a positive first experience.

What are Some Tips for a Successful Visit?

As a parent, you want your child to have a good first experience with your family dentist. Here are some ways how:

  • The sooner you introduce them to oral health at home, the more open they’ll be to learning about it in a new environment, like the dentist’s office. It’s a good idea to get them a toothbrush at a young age and familiarize them with brushing, even if it’s just with water.
  • You can sit your son or daughter down and explain what the visit will be like so they know what to expect. It’s best to not trick them into thinking you will be going somewhere else, or they may lose trust in you and the dentist.
  • Be sure to schedule your appointment earlier in the day when they’re well-rested. This way they’ll be in a better mood and more open to new experiences.
  • The most important thing is to remain positive. It’s best not to embellish the experience and heighten their expectations to make it sound more appealing to them. If you have any anxieties about the dentist or personal fears, it’s a good idea to keep those to yourself and not project them.

What Will Their Visit Look Like?

Your loved one’s first visit will be fairly short. It mainly serves as a chance for your child to get comfortable with your dentist and the  fun and friendly environment. Depending on their age and temperament, your son or daughter will have all their teeth counted and checked for problems such as decay. Your dentist will examine their bite and look for issues having to do with their gums, jaws, and tissue. If needed, they may even clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride.

Seeing your little one grow up can be hard, but it’s rewarding knowing you’re keeping them healthy. By the time you know it, all their little teeth will be grown in and they’ll have the brightest smile thanks to you!

About the Author

Dr. Allan Milewski provides you and your family decades of expertise and experience. He offers a fun and caring environment to educate his patients about their dental health and is committed to providing the youth of Medina with support to maintain confident growing teeth. If you have any questions about your child’s dental health or would like to schedule an appointment, visit his website or contact him at 330-725-2242.

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