It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….

November 4, 2009

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I don’t know about you, but once Halloween is past, I give myself permission to start the Holidays!  Christmas music is played in my car and in my house, and I start to enjoy the anticipation of my favorite time of year.  The stores are all decked out  and in full Holiday mode, so Christmas Shopping is an ever present task that sits on my undone list.  My kids all like really practical gifts (who are these children?), so I think I might start my shopping right in our dental office!

The first item on my list is an Electric Toothbrush.  We love using Electric Toothbrushes for many reasons.  For children, an Electric Toothbrush has a timer and is very “electronicish” (is that a word?).  We find that many times, children become more compliant when brushing their teeth becomes fun.  If you are a very aggressive toothbrusher like  I am, an Electric Toothbrush can be beneficial. If you are too aggressive when brushing, you can begin to push your gums down and cause what we in the dental field call gum recession.  An Electric Toothbrush is beneficial because it provides just the right amount of gentle, cleaning pressure on your teeth.  Senior Citizens also like Electric Toothbrushes, especially if they have limited mobility in their hands and wrist. The toothbrush moves itself, making it easier for them to thoroughly brush.

Another great gift idea is a Water Pik.  A Water Pik is a great dental aid in getting rid of food particles caught between your teeth and below your gums before it can develop into plaque.  A Water Pik is also a great gift for people who are in braces.  It helps clean around all the hardware on your teeth. It is also wonderful for people who have bridges or other dental appliances.

Don’t forget the gift of Whitening. Like it or not, our appearance often sends a message of who we are.  A sparkling, white smile can brighten up your entire appearance! One of our most popular Christmas gifts, Whitening your teeth has become very common with teenagers and adults. Our DayWhite system gets great results, and is easy to use. Just remember, we don’t recommend whitening for anyone under the age of 16!

We have great stocking stuffers too, like Prevident 5000 fluoridated toothpaste.  What?? Your kids don’t want flouridated toothpaste in their stocking? Sigh, I know, I know!  But hey, anything that reminds them to take care of their teeth during the hurry and flurries of the Holiday season works for me!

Call our office and speak to any of our personal shoppers who can guide you toward a great Dental Christmas gift!  We stock all these items in our office, but supplies are limited, so shop early!  Enjoy the upcoming months, and from time to time, remember to slow down and smell the pinecones.  Happy Holidays!

Mary Kay

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