Dr. Milewski Is Your Trusted Dentist Medina, OH

October 13, 2015

Happy family with beautiful smiles thanks to the dentist medina families trustCommitment is hard, especially when it comes to settling down with a dentist you can trust for years to come. These days it’s hard to find a dentist you feel excited about visiting, isn’t it? Either the team is too busy, or the office is too big — and you’re not ready to make your final choice. But did you know that one secret to having healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime is sticking with a dentist you trust? Today, learn more about Dr. Allan J. Milewski, the dentist that so many in Medina, OH already trust with their precious teeth.

Now That’s a Sweet Tooth!

October 15, 2012

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We’ve known for years that  that sugar is bad for your teeth.  Even the ancient Greeks asked “Why do figs, when they are soft and sweet, produce damage to the teeth?”

But do you really know why?  It’s actually quite simple.  The bacteria in our mouth like to feed on sugar. As the bacteria feeds on the sugar lodged on our teeth, they create acid that eats away at your tooth enamel.  The longer the sugar remains on your teeth, the more acid is formed and the more enamel is eroded.

now-thats-a-sweet-toothSo if you are one of those folks with a serious sweet tooth (and you know who you are!) your sweet habit can be creating problems with your teeth and gums.  Try to limit your consumption of sugary foods. But when you do treat yourself, enjoy it!  Then brush and floss right away to limit the damage that can be done to your teeth.


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