Take a Do-Over

December 12, 2011

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The cold weather has moved into Northeastern Ohio.  I love it when the cold comes because that means fishing season!  Many of you are aware that I am one of those crazy  fisherman who celebrate the cold weather because the bigdr milewski fishing 2011 steelhead trout come in from Lake Erie into the tributary rivers that flow through North Eastern Ohio and PA.  A few weeks ago, early on a Sunday morning, I was in the “wilds” of Pennsylvania, walking on the banks of Elk Creek, when I spotted the perfect fishing hole. I started to climb down a steep embankment of boulders when I slipped, and feel face first onto the rocks. How I didn’t get injured, I will never know, but I do know this…climbing down those slippery rocks alone wasn’t the best choice I had ever made. It WAS a great fishing hole, but I could have hit my head, slid into the river and no one would even know where I was. It really shook me up because felt like I dodged a bullet.  I would never do something like that again. It was one of those rare moments in life where we get a do-over…a chance to do better going forward, a chance to change the choices we make.

do over buttonBelieve it or not, you can get do-overs with your dental health too. Maybe you haven’t been the world’s best flosser…that’s OK, start today. Gum tissue can heal and become healthy with attention and professional care.  If you have some  areas of decay, take control.Get those areas restored so the decay doesn’t cause pain or tooth loss.  Watch what you eat and drink.. substitute that can of acidic soda with a glass of sparkling water…your body will thank you and so will your teeth!  Maybe your visits to the dentist have been hit or miss…those six months check ups stretching into ten or twelve month check ups.  Life has a way of keeping us busy.  Make a commitment to get a professional cleaning every six months.  Schedule your appointments in advance and make them a priority.

We get do-overs in life for a reason. So we can learn. So we can do better.  Every time I think about climbing down those slippery boulders, I shake my head at the unnecessary risk I took and how lucky I was.  Trust me, I won’t put myself in harm’s way like that again. Even for a great fishing hole!  And please don’t take unnecessary risks with your dental health.  Make taking care of your teeth a priority.  If you need to change habits, start Smiletoday, one at a time.  We can help you…it’s what we do best!  Just give us a call!

Take advantage of those do overs!  I know I am!

Dr. Milewski

©2011Dr. Allan J. Milewski, D.D.S. Inc. all rights reserved

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