Use it or Lose it…Understanding Dental Benefits

December 1, 2014

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Here at Medina Family Dentistry, you can often find our front desk gurus, Donna and Tina talking insurance.  How it works, how it pays and who has what.  The Insurance Landscape is changing rapidly, and it is not uncommon for patients to become confused about their benefits.  Let us help with this Insurance 101 primer.

Dental Insurance Concept.

All Dental Benefits are not created equal.

You may have insurance through the Acme Insurance Company, and your neighbor may also have dental insurance through Acme, but that doesn’t mean your policies are similar in any way shape or form.  Every insurance company has  different plans based on the level of benefits your employer wants to purchase. The more money your employer invests in your coverage, the better your coverage will be. So even if your insurance says preventative care is covered at 100%, please understand that that means 100% of what they have agreed with your employer to pay. So if your employer has invested in a plan with less coverage, your preventative payment maybe significantly less than a plan that costs more.

Don’t confuse your Dental Insurance with your Medical Insurance.

Dental and Medical Benefits are quite different. Unlike Medical Insurance plans whose plan limits can be a million dollars or more, most dental plans have a yearly limit of $1,000. Most dental deductibles are only fifty dollars compared to medical deductibles that may be in the thousands of dollars.   Most dental plans focus on preventative care, with higher coverage for cleanings and exams that help you avoid problems. Unlike medical disease, which can be both unpredictable and catastrophic, most dental ailments are preventable. Consequently, medical insurance tends to focus on those catastrophic events, while dental insurance focuses on prevention.

Insurance Plans can change  frequently.

Our business staff has an excellent relationship with the many insurance companies used by our patients, and they are very skilled at navigating their way through confusing policies. Help them help you by coming to your appointment here at Medina Family Dentistry with your up to date insurance information including the name, ID numbers, group numbers, phone numbers and mailing addresses.  We are seeing more and more dental insurance companies cut corners by not issuing insurance cards, so it is even more important for you to have this information with you.  As a courtesy to our patients, we submit your claims for you, and advocate on your behalf with Insurance Companies.  Donna and Tina are always available to help you understand how your benefits work.

Use it or Lose it

As 2014 draws to a close, remember that you have paid for your benefits, so use them! Most plans reset in January, so use it or lose it.  Call our office in Medina, Ohio today and get scheduled before the end of the year.  Dr. Allan J. Milewski and Staff  are always happy to answer any questions you have about your Dental Health, so give us a call!

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