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Woman wearing dentures For centuries, dentists confidently relied on dentures and partials to rebuild smiles for their patients with missing teeth. That confidence is even more assured today thanks to advances in dental materials and technology that make these teeth replacements look more natural and feel more comfortable that ever before. Medina dentist Dr. Allan J. Milewski and his staff have used full and partial dentures to replace missing teeth for many people in our community. We’ll be glad to work with you to design dentures that restore both form and function to your smile.

Do I Have to Replace Missing Teeth?

Man in dentures For most people, the answer to that question is an emphatic yes, and the best reason is starring back at them in the mirror. Just one missing tooth leaves an unsightly gap in your smile that can cause embarrassment and shame. That’s usually enough to drive most people to seek help. But there are several other good reasons, as well.

First, some people with tooth loss are forced to give up some of their favorite foods, because they become too difficult to chew. Not only do most people miss these foods, they also might be eliminating essential nutrients that the body needs for good health.

In addition, just one missing tooth can increase the risk of cavities in other teeth and periodontal disease. Furthermore, teeth that are adjacent to the gap in your smile may drift in order to fill the space. Consequently, your teeth could become misaligned and your bite may suffer. For these reasons and more, tooth replacement is essential.

What Does a Partial Do?

Smiling couple A partial denture is designed to restore your complete smile when you have one or a few missing teeth. It is an attractive and affordable solution. Thanks to advanced materials and manufacturing, partials today are made from flexible and comfortable plastics that are barely noticeable in your mouth.

Partial dentures in Medina consist of false teeth that are attached to a metal framework. Brackets secure the partial to healthy adjacent teeth. If missing teeth are not in a row, then the partial will be made to fit in between remaining teeth. A partial is removable, so you can brush and clean your teeth, gums and the prosthesis, too.

What If I Need a Full Denture?

According to The American College of Prosthodontists, there are 35 million people missing all of their teeth so you are certainly not alone. However, your smile is unique, and restoring your special look is what Dr. Milewski aims to achieve with a full denture. Your dentures will be designed and handcrafted to fit comfortably along your gums. But they will be secure, too, so you won’t have to worry about a denture clicking when you talk or shifting when you eat.

The base of your dentures is shaded to replicate the color and shine of gum tissue. Also, false teeth, called pontics, have the shape and sheen of natural teeth to replicate the appearance of your genuine smile.

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