Use It Or Lose It with Your Medina Family Dentist

October 13, 2016

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Be sure to see your Medina family dentist before the end of the year. There is so much to do as the holidays begin to approach. They seem to be mentioned earlier and earlier every year. It’s inevitable that Christmas in July will eventually be a reality. This is a time when you need to take care of certain things. You have to make plans to see your family, or perhaps you need to get gifts for everyone. You also have to balance seeing all of your friends and attending the multitude of parties. Something else you should remember to do is see the dentist. Dr. Allan J. Milewski, your Medina family dentist, wants you to know that your dental insurance benefits are about to reset, and you should definitely use them.

Use It Or Lose It!

Many dental insurance plans cover patients up to a certain dollar amount every year. This is supposed to make it more affordable for people to get regular dental care, such as check-ups and dental cleanings. However, every year there are thousands of patients who leave part of their benefits unused. This makes millions of dollars for dental insurance companies. Of course they aren’t going to remind you that you may have money left to spend. On the other hand, many patients do not know their plan well enough to know what benefits they may have available to them. It is very important that people use all of the benefits that they can to get routine dental care. Regular check-ups and cleanings are some of the best ways to prevent most dental issues before they start. A professional cleaning is able to reach areas that brushing and flossing simply cannot. These trouble spots are often the prime sources of tooth decay. Regular check-ups are also when Dr. Milewski can catch many dental issues early. The earlier something is caught, the easier it is to treat. You could be harming yourself both monetarily and health-wise by waiting. You can keep your teeth healthy with a quick and easy visit and your insurance plan will probably help you pay for it! If you wait, not only may existing dental issues get worse, but you lose your current benefits when they flip at the beginning of the new year.

Which Insurance Plans Do You Accept?

We are willing to work with any insurance company, and will even file your claim for you. If you want to know if we accept your particular insurance plan, please consult with your insurance company, or best, just call us.

Come See Us!

You paid for those benefits, so you should use them to get the dental care that will save you a little bit of stress during the busy holiday season. While you’re thinking about everybody else, do something for yourself and come see us.

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