Just because a media “expert” says it, doesn’t make it so!

May 2, 2012

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The internet is a wonderful thing.  It can connect people from far corners of the earth, and create vast amounts of information right at your fingertips.  But just because the  information is on the web, or spoken by an “expert” in the media doesn’t make it so.  One popular doctor who has a tv show suggested eating raisins as a way to remove plaque from your teeth.  Raisins?  The rationale is that raisins will create saliva in your mouth which will “rinse away” plaque.  Well, so will sucking on a piece of hard candy.  I do not recommend using raisins to remove plaque.   The only way to remove plaque from your teeth is with your handy toothbrush and floss.  Period.

Another suggestion from this esteemed Doctor is to whiten your teeth with a mix of Baking Soda and Lemon.  Please, please, please, don’t do this.  no-lemon-and-baking-soda-copy3Lemon is a very acidic fruit which when combined with even something as mild  as baking soda can erode the natural enamel on your teeth.  Once that protective enamel is gone, your teeth are much more susceptible to decay. If you want your teeth to be whiter and brighter (and who doesn’t?), ask us.  We are happy to educate you on different  SAFE methods of tooth whitening to find the one that best fits your pocketbook and gives you the desired results.

Here’s the bottom line…there is some great information in the media and on the web regarding your health and a lot of faulty and misleading information .  Just because someone says they are an expert doesn’t make them one.  Read and listen to it  with a strong dose of skepticism and question.  Ask us about anything you read or hear. We spend a great deal of time as individuals and as an office staff learning the latest in scientific advancements and treatments for your smile.  We love discussing all aspects of your dental health with you and are always ready to give you as much help as possible in making good decisions regarding your treatment. Just ask!


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